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Hedge Maintenance

Tree Removals / Felling

“We do not cut down trees just for firewood!” 
There are many factors that may lead to a tree's removal, but the above is not one.  Health & Safety is usually the main factor! 


Just like humans, trees also suffer from a variety of diseases that can affect their health.  These can cause dieback, adversely affecting the trees health, whether visible in the trunk, the canopy of the tree or below in the rooting system. Also like us, inevitably they will eventually die. So, removing these trees where necessary, maintains a safe and reassuring environment. 


Structural damage can occur from trees to buildings, pathways, walls, and drains.  Whether due to the size and location of the tree, or subsidence issues being caused.  Expensive repairs will follow if not acted on. 


Encroaching trees are sometimes best dealt with by complete removal, but only when no other options are viable! 


Unforeseen crown (canopy) structural damage can occur at times due to high winds, electrical strikes or cars and lorries crashing into them! We once had to remove a bus from a tree, or more the tree from inside the bus! 

The process of felling a tree is undertaken from the ground with either no, or limited climbing to set pull lines to aid in felling. 


The process of removing the tree in sections from either climbing the tree or using a M.E.W.P (mobile elevated work platform), often the branches & logs are cut and allowed to fall freely onto the ground below.  Ground & landscaping conditions are taken into consideration before this choice is taken.  No one wants ruts and divots in their grass or broken paths or slabs! 

Dismantle using rigging techniques (Soft Felling) 

Like dismantles, these trees are often removed by using climbing techniques or M.E.W.P or even a crane if necessary.  


In this process though, mostly all timber is lowered to the ground using advanced rigging techniques.  This allows timber to be slowly lowered in a controlled manner to the ground crew for process. 


We often adopt these techniques when landscaping or structural worries are a high consideration for our clients, i.e. rooftops, sheds, garages, greenhouses, lawned, paved or decked areas etc. We are constantly evolving our techniques and the equipment used. keeping us ahead of the game and always looking for ways to better our service to you and aid the team in doing so. 

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