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Hedge Maintenance


From single trees, whips & hedging to larger landscaping projects we have you covered.  The planting of trees, completely transforms the aesthetics of any garden or larger area.  Whether replacing old or removed trees or altering the aesthetics of an already developed landscaped area. Adding height and depth and a variety of colours and textures, will complement any garden or area. 
New boundary line hedges are often required for planting.  With more species than just “conifers” to be chosen from, a wild variety of colours and textures can be adopted into the landscape. With regular hedge maintenance a well-presented screening can be developed. 
Trees contribute greatly to the natural environment. They're necessary in supporting humans and wildlife.  Providing much needed oxygen, aiding in improved air quality, providing a food source and homes to much wildlife and the enjoyment they provide aesthetically & practically.  Who doesn’t love a picnic within the shade of a large tree? Or the thought of building an awesome tree house. 

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