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About Us

An Essex company based in “Sunny” Southend-on-Sea. At Evolution Tree Care, we strive to deliver the most up to date, best practice advice and high-quality tree works to all our clients. Our conscientious staff are highly trained, competent & experienced. Teams are often led by the M.D, who himself now has over 25 years’ experience.  Dealing with all aspects of tree surgery with both commercial and domestic clientele.

By consistently evolving and adapting the way we think, both in tree management and all practical applications undertaken. Through continuous training and involvement within the industry, we aim to keep up to date with all modern practices, techniques and equipment used. We not only offer our clients the high standard of service expected, but also keep our staff at the top of their game, healthy & happy.

“After 25 years in the industry I am so pleased I can now offer my services through “Evolution Tree Care”. I aim to provide a great service at a competitive price for all our clients. In time I hope the company can grow to allow new staff to be hired and trained, so continued evolution in tree surgery & a high quality of works can be sustained and passed down for many years to come. I also hope that given time, we can find ways to give back and be involved within the community that supports us.”

J Dolman – Managing Director

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