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Hedge Maintenance

Crown Thinning

The thinning of the canopy (crown) of the tree allows a higher volume of light to penetrate through the canopy, allowing existing branches to thrive & dominate.  This improves structure but maintains natural shape and form.  
Thinning also increases the air flow throughout the canopy (crown) of the tree. Primarily reducing the wind resistance that the tree receives, helping relieve the stress felt and reducing the risk of limbs failing in high winds.  
We achieve this by selectively removing smaller tertiary branches throughout the tree canopy and reducing the density of the crown, leaving a natural looking evenly balanced crown. 
Types of tree effected:  


Many species of trees can be found with dense canopies in the need of a thinning, especially larger more mature trees.  Fruit trees may often need thinning to increase crop size & quality. 

Crown Thinning 2.jpg
Crown Thinning 1.jpg
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