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Hedge Maintenance


We often find ourselves dealing with tree encroachment issues.  It is not unusual to see trees growing “too close to buildings” especially in more urban areas.  Branches in or near contact with windows and walls, may be potentially damaging the property and causing expensive building repairs.  By cutting back these encroaching branches and maintaining on a cyclical regime, an assured peace of mind and aesthetically pleasing tree can both be maintained. 

The other common encroachment issue we face is that of neighbouring trees residing from other properties or grounds.  Often the issues arising are decreased space or diminished natural light caused from the encroaching tree.  
Quite often, the affected party will be able to contact the tree owners and amicably discuss the issue to agree a proactive solution for both parties.  Although generally, but not always due to other legalities, the affected person has the right to cut back the encroachment to their boundary line.  It is quite often the case that written consent from the tree/landowner will be needed to grant access for work upon the tree(s).  It should be noted that cutting back the trees branches to boundary line and not using appropriate British Standard techniques may cause adverse effects on the tree's health. 

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