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Hedge Maintenance

Deadwood  / Crown Cleaning

Although deadwood is part of a trees natural cycle and minor deadwood throughout the crown poses no real issues. Larger areas of deadwood in the crown or a singular limb that has suddenly died, may pose a potential hazard if were to fall. This may also point to other biological issues that the tree may be facing. 

Tress that have fully died, may have all canopy removed to leave a standing monolithic stem.  This stem encourages habitat to feed on the decaying stem creating a mini ecosystem.
When crown cleaning, deadwood is removed and other damaged and snapped branches that are found within. Crossing and rubbing branches can cause damage if left over time and create weak points in the branch structure.  These are best removed or monitored regularly.  
From carrier bags to kites, various litter can be blown into a tree on a windy day and we are happy to remove for you.  
When carrying out deadwood or crown cleaning works, we will undertake a basic assessment of the trees health and structure free of charge. 

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