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Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance & Shaping

By reducing hedges to a desired manageable height and width that suits their location, a very aesthetically pleasing structure is left complimenting the surrounding landscape & increasing amenity value.  Once the desired height and width is obtained, re-trimming on a regular cyclical regime can be arranged. 
Dramatically reducing large high hedges in height will often increase light into areas.  Reducing the height relieves the stress from winds upon the hedge, increasing structural integrity & relieving concerns, in storms and high winds. 
Hedging that encroaches onto public footways should be maintained so as to not cause injury or liability.  Keeping lower growth trimmed neatly back removing possible obstructions that may cause injury to others.  Higher deadwood & damaged material found should also be removed to decrease risk to others. 
Hedges that encroach onto public highways should be maintained as with public footways, but also allowing for clear vehicular access through areas without the risk of causing damage or harm. 
Neighbouring disputes over hedges is a regular occurrence.  We recommend trying to find an amicable solution between both parties.  Legal disputes can turn into lengthy, costly & stressful situations.  We are happy to meet with both parties to discuss planned works on estimates BUT will not be involved with lengthy arguments and shall leave if so happens.  It is best practice to obtain written, signed consent from the tree owner in these situations. 

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